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Mona W.

"Just want to tell everyone to go to Skip's Auto ER at 12 mile and Mound Rd. for the most honest and caring care for your car. I went there today thinking I needed repairs that would cost close to $1000 because of other repair shops. He took care of all my issues and it cost only $198.00. Thank you Sue Byrum Miller, Ron Miller, Kathy Compton Majeski and Janet for the great referrals!!! It's wonderful to have honest family and friends!!!"


Copied from her Facebook post with permission.

Bradley K.

"I really can't say enough good things about the guys at Skip's. I've taken almost every car I've owned to them and they have always taken great care of me, my cars, and the cars of the many people I have sent to them. Today was no different. If you're looking for an honest, expert mechanic shop, please consider Auto ER. Thanks again guys!"


Copied from his Facebook post with permission.

Aaron H.

"I brought my car here on Janelle's recommendation and I'm so glad I did. I do not dole out 5's lightly, so this review should be taken accordingly. It's not for the frills or decoration of the place, because the frills are utterly absent and the decoration negligible. But you don't judge a mechanic based on the ambiance of his waiting room. Do you?


Not much needs to be said except that this place is called "Skip's Auto ER" and it was Skip I spoke with when I first called, and to Skip that I delivered my keys when I dropped off my car. He guaranteed me he'd have the repairs done before the end of the day and offered to call me before doing any work to let me know about pricing. He made good on his guarantee. There's an entirely different level of accountability when the store's namesake is actually the man who runs the front desk and also works in the back--I like that tremendously.


I needed my heat shield fixed (it was dragging on the ground due to broken bolt/screw holes) and a new horn. When Skip called me to tell me the new horn would be $118, I thought he meant $118 for the parts. He meant $118 for the parts and labor! He didn't even charge me to reattach the heat shield (and was kind enough to use the one that was already on the car, even though it was beat up, instead of telling me I had to buy a new one, which I definitely didn't want to do).


Paul is Skip's primary mechanic and has been working on cars for 50 years. His '57 Chevy still runs like a beaut, though I'm told the roar of its engine has been known to stop hearts, and not in a good way. These guys are the real deal and I'd recommend them to anyone. I've already sent my own mother over to them. If that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is. Skip and Co. are the best, most trustworthy mechanics I've come across. I hope everyone has as pleasant an experience with them as I did."


Copied from: http://www.yelp.com/biz/auto-er-warren#hrid:W89AyI3M7V-6quCkLhFLxg

                                                                                                   Janelle P. 


"I'm a girl and therefore I don't know anything about cars.  As a result, during something as simple as an oil change, auto shops have often found "serious problems" and have gotten me to shell out an extra $50 to get my blinker fluid changed.

Luckily, I found Skip's Auto ER.  They're honest, straight shooters who never try to rip me off or charge me for additional services.  Other repair shops and dealerships consistently quote at least twice what they charge.  They also don't keep you waiting long.  If you call them in the morning, they can usually take your car by noon and have you back on the road in just a few hours.  I also appreciate that they don't try to explain stuff to me by slinging around car terminology and jargon.

I'd say they do a quality job, but what the heck do I know about car repair?!?!  After all, I just have two X chromosomes."


Copied from: http://www.yelp.com/biz/auto-e-r-warren#hrid:g_c5cTfTSAvhWIQNKt_11g

Skips Auto ER
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